Strunk Claims Grandview Feature Win

By: Mark Hackett

With only 3 point races left Grandview hosted their 18th points race of the season for modified and sportsmen with an extra added attraction of the 600 Excel modifieds under spectacular clear skies and perfect racing weather with hot afternoon fading into a cool fall night with outstanding racing conditions.

The modifieds 30 lap feature found Jeff Strunk once again coming from 11th position and making a late race pass of Ron Kline for the lead and win on lap 29.  A wild and sportsmen feature with 8 cautions saw Brad Arnold took the lead on lap 15 and motored into the winner’s circle nearly 1 second ahead of second place Jack Butler and third place Scott Kohler.  Andy Ressler made a lap 18 pass on the pole sitter Matt Warner to take the win over the 28 car field of 600 Excel Modifieds.

The modified were lead to green John Willman who led the first 4 laps.  On lap 4 restart outside pole sitter Ron Kline took the lead and checked out on the field until lap 14 when the lead began to diminish with each lap.  Jeff Strunk moved in on Kline and Willman to make it a 3 way battle for the lead on lap 17.  Willman in second held off Struck for over 10 laps but on lap 27 Strunk moved into 2nd place over Willman and by lap 29 Strunk moved pass Kline for the lead and his 6th Grandview speedway visit to victory lane this year.

Struck commented in victory land that he had some issues in the heat races getting his “Big Diamond” car dialed into the Grandview racing surface.   Postrace in the pits Ron Kline stated “I thought motor was going away in the final laps but was just a broken header but caused me to baby the motor in the end.”  3rd place John Willman commented his driving was good but they just missed the chassis setup a little bit for the slick track conditions of the feature.  4th and 5th were rounded out with Ray Swinehart and Mike Lisowski only his third time out with a new car from DKM.

Modified qualifying heats were won by Brett Gilmore, Brett Kressley, Jesse Leiby, and Duane Howard.  Consolation races were won by Danny Erb and Kory Fleming.

The sportsmen race started with Scott Kohler and Jimmy Leiby in the front row.  Kohler lead the first 8 laps despite 6 yellows and 1 red flag for a Mark Kemmerer flip over a infield tire inside of turn 1 in the course of the first 8 laps.  For the next 7 laps Kohler maintained his lead over Brad Arnold who battled every lap for the pass but Kohler was able to successfully hold off pass attempts in every turn.  But on lap 15 Kohler washed up just enough and Arnold charged by and cruised into the winner’s circle for the first time this season.  The top five was rounded out by Jack Butler, Scott Kohler, Jessie Landis, and Ryan Beltz.

Sportsmen qualifying heats were won by Jimmy Lieby, Mike Mammana and Kenny Bock.

The 600 excel 20 lap feature was won by Andy Ressler followed by Matt Warner, Korey Ingrin, Jeremy Guiswite, Jon Josko to round out the top 5.


Grandview 8/31/19 Modified Feature Results

1.) Jeff Strunk (start 11th)

2.) Ron Kline (start 3rd)

3.) John Willman (start 2nd)

4.) Ray Swinehart (start 4th)

5.) Mike Lisowski (6)

6.) Frank Cozze (10)

7.) Brett Kressley (14)

8.) Duane Howard (16)

9.) Kenny Gilmore (8)

10.) Craig VonDohren (15)

11.) Jared Umbenhauer (12) 

12.) Rick Laubach (20)

13.) Alex Yankowski (19)

14.)  Briggs Danner (7)

15.) Londen Reimert (9) 

16.) Ryan Lillick (28)

17.) Glenn Strunk (23)

18.) Doug Manmiller (13)

19.) Ryan Grim (25)

20.) Jesse Leiby (1)

21.) Danny Erb (18)

22.) Kory Fleming (22)

23.) Steve Swinehart (18)

24.) Brett Gilmore (5)

25.) Dylan Swinehart (27)

26.) Eric Biehn (26) 

27.) Tim Buckwalter (24) 

28.) Kevin Hirthler (17)



Richie Hitzler

Ron Meyers

Mark Levy

Glenn Owens

Colt Harris

Joe Funk

Bobby Gunther Walsh

Craig Whitmoyer

Justin Grim

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